Android Apps

GeoGlot currently offers the following MFL apps for Android, all free (supported by in-app banner ads):

Verb Blitz Apps

The Verb Blitz apps double as handy verb reference tools, listing important conjugations for regular and irregular verbs in the most frequently used tenses, and verb drills, helping language learners practise their conjugation skills through a range of interactive games. With their focus on commonly used verbs, they are also great at expanding everyday vocabulary in the target language.

Noun Master Apps

Noun Master takes the pain out of learning declensions, doubling as an interactive reference tool and a games-driven drill machine. It’s currently only available in Icelandic, with more languages to be added soon.

Number Whizz Apps

Number Whizz apps turn a usually boring language learning chore – learning and practising numbers – into interactive presentations and challenging games. Ranging from the units up to the millions, NumberWhizz aims to take the mind-numb out of numbers. The included ‘Number Writer’ module also doubles as a handy translation reference – simply type your numerals in to read it in the target language.

The sum quiz is also a great brain-sharpening device – those questions really make you think!

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