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Geoglot Verb Blitz Reference

Look up key conjugations across a range of essential, everyday verbs, or tap in a number to read its full form in the target language. Look up and learn in a few simple steps!


Geoglot Verb Blitz Progress Recording

Track the verbs you've learnt, those you're finding tricky, as well as the ones you're acing. See your grammar progress on a colour-coded list. Let the numbers do the talking!

Teachers: if you use iPads with your students in school, you can also take advantage of built-in homework distribution and assessment via Apple ClassKit intregration and the Homework app in French, German, Italian and Spanish Verb Blitz for iOS.


Geoglot Verb Blitz Grammar Drill Activities

Make those conjugations stick through a variety of interactive activities, including beat-the-clock quizzes and literacy-focused spelling games. Get competitive in language class and beat those scores!