Announce your language passion with a Geoglot t-shirt!

We are very excited to announce the release of two rather different products from our usual line: Geoglot language t-shirts!

Wear your language geekness proudly on your chest with a choice of two different designs:

You can snap up both t-shirt designs from right now. They cost $16.99 each (US store only but international shipping available).

Happy learning – and enjoy telling others about it through your choice of attire! 🙂

Geoglot logo t-shirt
Geoglot logo t-shirt
Geoglot language geek t-shirt
Geoglot language geek t-shirt

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays to all Rusmate app users and their family and friends. We have lots of developments planned for 2010 – stay tuned for more news!

Our popular Russian Verb App is no longer free, but stilll a great bargain at just 59p / US$0.99 / 0,79 € for a brilliant learning app to perfect your conjugation expertise in Russian.

Keep your suggestions coming in as they really help us to improve the apps!

Happy holidays one and all,

The RusMate Team