Scottish Gaelic Vocab Booster now available!

We are pleased to announce that Scottish Gaelic learners can now enjoy a version of our flashcard learning and consolidating tool, the Scottish Gaelic Vocab Booster. Learn scores of new words across a variety of topics from the everyday to the fantastical.

Click here to visit Scottish Gaelic Vocab Booster in the iTunes App Store!

The new app extends Rusmate’s app range to cover Russian, Norwegian, Japanese and now Scottish Gaelic. Have fun learning!

2 thoughts on “Scottish Gaelic Vocab Booster now available!

  1. Could you give more time on the spelling game, mas ‘ur do thoil e?
    Otherwise this ap’s a smash!

  2. Tapadh leibh, Morag, glad you like it! Good point about the spelling game. We’re planning an update soon, I’ll make sure that more time is given to complete each word in the next version.

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