Perfect your core Polish verbs!

Starting out in Polish? Then let Polish Verb Blitz help you on your grammatical journey with over 120 commonly used Polish verbs to perfect!

Featuring some of the most useful and frequently used words in the language, Polish Verb Blitz is a great way to build your core vocabulary, as well as practise your basic Polish conjugations. WIth a focus on the present tense, but also featuring perfective infinitive pairs where appropriate, the app has all the familiar Verb Blitz games to turn you into a verb whizz.

Polish Verb Blitz is a free app for Android, supported by banner ads (on static screens but never in games) to ensure that it is available for all learners.

Click here for Polish Verb Blitz on Google Play!

Polish Verb Blitz home screen menu
Polish Verb Blitz

New Polish app available!

Polish learners can now join RusMate users improving their Russian, Gaelic, Norwegian, Greek and Japanese with RusMate apps. That’s because can now improve your Polish with our brand new Polish Vocabulary Builder app, available for just 59p from the iTunes App Store! Learn scores of words and phrases with the familiar tap-to-flip flashcard system avaiable in our Norwegian, Japanese and Scottish Gaelic and Greek apps. Practise your Polish in three interactive games to consolidate your new knowledge. Click this link to view the Polish Vocabulary Builder for iPhone and iPod Touch in the App Store!

One of the interactive activities in the Polish Vocabulary Builder app
One of the interactive activities in the Polish Vocabulary Builder app