Russian Verb mastery made easy with our latest port to iOS!

Learning Russian and an iOS user? Now you can tap into the drill power of Russian Verb Blitz with our latest release on Apple’s Platform.

As a highly declined language, Russian can be an intimidating wall of endings for beginner to intermediate learners. Never fear: the key aim of the app is to make learning tricky conjugations just a little more systematic – and fun! Android users have enjoyed the app for some time – and now iOS users can get a piece of the action too.

Learn, drill, repeat

The app doubles as both a reference and drill tool. Browse and check over a hundred conjugations across tenses. Mark off the verbs you’ve learnt. And then, drill them across a suite of games:

  • Infinitive quiz / grid quiz – test yourself on the basic meaning of verbs
  • Conjugation quiz – test your knowledge of person, number, tense and mood
  • Gapfill – drill those spellings!
  • Snap – test your translation skills

Each activity tracks your progress, too. At a glance, you can see which verbs you find trickiest – great for planning and focusing your studies.

Core Russian vocab

With over a hundred core terms, the app is also a great way to learn and consolidate key vocabulary. Through regular practice, you can master some of the most common words in everyday Russian.

The app is available from the iTunes App Store right now at $0.99 / £0.99 / €1,09. Click here to visit Russian Verb Blitz on the App Store!

Verb Blitz now available for Icelandic, French and Spanish!

Rusmate’s handy reference tool for learning and practising verbs through interactive games, Verb Blitz, is now available for learners of Icelandic, French and Spanish with Android devices! The apps are available for free (supported by ads) from the Google Play Store:

Of course, our original verb app, Russian Verb Blitz, is still available on Google Play for Russian learners.

We hope you enjoy them!

Gangi ykkur vel! Bonne chance! ¡Buena suerte!


Icelandic French Spanish


Russian Verb Blitz : New free version!

We are happy to announce the release on Google Play of a new, free version of RusMate’s interactive verb reference and learning tool, Russian Verb Blitz!

The new version is exactly the same as its paid partner, the only difference being the inclusion of banner ads in the app. Recognising that many Russian learners will have student status, RusMate hopes the release of a free, ads-driven version allows many more people to enjoy brushing up their verbs with Russian Verb Blitz.

Click here to view the free version of RusMate Russian Verb Blitz on Google Play.

For the paid, ads-free version of RusMate Russian Verb Blitz, click here!

RusMate Russian Verb Blitz icon
RusMate Russian Verb Blitz

Russian Verb Blitz now on Android!

RusMate is back with a brand new, native Android app for learning and revising over a hundred Russian verbs!

Russian Verb Blitz is an interactive reference guide to over a hundred Russian verbs, detailing both imperfective and perfective forms for practice and revision. Not only that, but there’s also a handy infinitive quiz to test yourself on the meanings of all of them. Great for perfecting your grammar and also expanding your vocabulary!

Russian Verb Blitz is available from the Google Play Store at this link.

Russian Verb Blitz by RusMate
Russian Verb Blitz by RusMate


Russian Verb Blitz by RusMate
Russian Verb Blitz by RusMate

Match colour words on your iPhone with our free app!

Download our new free iPhone app and fill your empty moments with a bit of language practice! Language Colour Match is now available on the iPhone from the App Store at this link. And what’s more, it’s completely free! A simple pelmanism game using thirteen words for colours in languages including Russian and Gaelic, it’s a nice way to consolidate some very useful words whenever you have a spare few moment.

Click here to visit Language Match for iPhone in the App Store!

Russian Verb Blitz updated – now with perfective and past!

Russian Verb Blitz is now even more useful for practising your Russian grammar, with the addition of perfective verbs and past tenses to the Translate It activity! Focus on the tenses you want to practise for the perfect verb learning experience. Click here to visit the Russian Verb Blitz app in the iTunes App Store!

Russian Verb Blitz : Translate It Options
Russian Verb Blitz : Translate It Options

Russian Verb Blitz and Scottish Gaelic app updated!

You can now practise even more verbs with the Russian Verb Blitz app, which has been updated to contain almost a hundred imperfective present / perfective future conjugations. Download the app here.

Likewise, our Scottish Gaelic app has been updated with new topics and some improvements to the activities. Download the app here.

Note that existing users simply need to update their apps in iTunes to get the updated versions for free.

Quick and easy Russian keyboard

Ever needed to type something quickly in Russian, but don’t have access to a Russian keyboard layout? Just call up Google Translate, and type your Russian in phonentic Roman characters for instant transliteration! It’s not only great if you don’t have a Russian keyboard layout handy, but also great if you don’t have time to learn how the keys are mapped to Russian letters on a standard Russian keyboard. Ask any non-Russian who’s had to learn to type on a Russian keyboard, and they’ll no doubt bemoan the fact that the sounds are in completely different places to a standard UK / US keyboard. If you need to type in Russian straight away, then using the phonetic input system on Google Translate is a real time saver. Words appear in Russian script after you type each word into the text field. Type in sobaka and it will instantly become собака as you press space to begin the next word. After you’ve finished, just copy and paste the russified text into your document / email.

If you do want to know the real thing and move on to learning the bona fide Russian keys, then Wikipedia has a comprehensive article on keyboard layouts at this link. It’s usually quite easy to add a foreign keyboard option in the main operating systems – find details in the following links for Windows, Mac OS and Ubuntu (Linux).

Incidentally, Google Translate is a great machine translation tool too! Only don’t use it to write your homework for you – your teacher will know! 😉

Excellent podcast for intermediate Russianists

In case you’ve missed this one, here’s a tip for a great podcast to improve your Russian skills if you’re at an intermediate level. The podcast is by (Говори по-русски), and features short dialogues and discussions on the topics, vocbularies and structures they touch upon. It really is an excellent free resource, including transcripts of the dialogues, although it can be a little challenging – but is ideal for pushing your Russian even further.

The dialogues cover topics from office chit-chat to current affairs (there was an excellent one some weeks ago on the volcanic ash problem), so the podcasts are packed with useful terms you can pick up and use straight away. Thoroughly recommended!

Click here to visit the Говори по-русски website. You can also search for, and subscribe to the podcast on iTunes.

For learners of other levels, the excellent is highly recommended, with podcasts available from iTunes, and supplementary premium content available on their website. Visit for more details.