Scottish Gaelic verbs? No problem!

Flummoxed by Scottish Gaelic verbs? Now there’s an easy way to break them down, with the arrival of Scottish Gaelic Verb Blitz for Android from Geoglot!

Containing over 100 Gaelic verbs, the app focuses on three key tenses: present, past and future. Students can browse and learn through the reference section with its clear, concise verb tables, or drill their conjugation skills in the activities familiar to other users of Geoglot’s popular Verb Blitz apps:

  • Infinitive Quiz: test yourself of the basic meanings of verbs!
  • Conj Quiz: Can you match the English with the correct Gaelic translation?
  • Snap: Does the Gaelic sentence match the English translation or not?
  • Gapfill: Complete the missing word in each Gaelic sentence.

The verb bank represents a set of very frequent, everyday words in Gaelic, so the app doubles as a great vocabulary builder as well as grammar tool.

We’re really excited to be making the leap forward with Gaelic here at Geoglot – we hope you love practising it as much as we do!

Download the app from Google Play at this link.

Happy learning!

Scottish Gaelic

Learning Scottish Gaelic Numbers on iPhone and iPad

Scottish Gaelic joins the growing number of iOS Number Whizz apps with our latest iTunes release for iPhone and iPad!

Including native speaker sounds for many numbers, and a challenging set of games for drilling those cardinals, Scottish Gaelic Number Whizz is a great way to finally master that chore of language learning.

Scottish Gaelic Number Whizz is available on the iTunes App Store for 79p / $0.99 (with educational discount available for institutions) at the following link:

Scottish Gaelic Number Whizz on iTunes

Android users can get the app from Google Play at:

Scottish Gaelic Number Whizz on Google Play

Happy learning!

Scottish Gaelic

Match colour words on your iPhone with our free app!

Download our new free iPhone app and fill your empty moments with a bit of language practice! Language Colour Match is now available on the iPhone from the App Store at this link. And what’s more, it’s completely free! A simple pelmanism game using thirteen words for colours in languages including Russian and Gaelic, it’s a nice way to consolidate some very useful words whenever you have a spare few moment.

Click here to visit Language Match for iPhone in the App Store!

Russian Verb Blitz and Scottish Gaelic app updated!

You can now practise even more verbs with the Russian Verb Blitz app, which has been updated to contain almost a hundred imperfective present / perfective future conjugations. Download the app here.

Likewise, our Scottish Gaelic app has been updated with new topics and some improvements to the activities. Download the app here.

Note that existing users simply need to update their apps in iTunes to get the updated versions for free.