Scandinavian verbs: Now listen and learn on iOS!

Our new trio of Scandinavian Verb Blitz apps for iOS was treated to a major update today. You can now click verb tables to listen to the verb phrases spoken!

Danish, Norwegian and Swedish Verb Blitz for iOS use Apple’s text-to-speech technology to deliver the same experience as users have done in our Android apps. The audio element turns the verb tables into a much more interactive experience that engages students’ listening skills.

Look, listen and learn

When browsing the verb tables in any of the apps, simply tap on a target language phrase to listen to the spoken form. It’s a great way to engage both visual and auditory learning styles. And doing so may mean those verbs stick even faster.

You can download the apps free from the App Store via the following links:



Excellent podcast for intermediate Russianists

In case you’ve missed this one, here’s a tip for a great podcast to improve your Russian skills if you’re at an intermediate level. The podcast is by (Говори по-русски), and features short dialogues and discussions on the topics, vocbularies and structures they touch upon. It really is an excellent free resource, including transcripts of the dialogues, although it can be a little challenging – but is ideal for pushing your Russian even further.

The dialogues cover topics from office chit-chat to current affairs (there was an excellent one some weeks ago on the volcanic ash problem), so the podcasts are packed with useful terms you can pick up and use straight away. Thoroughly recommended!

Click here to visit the Говори по-русски website. You can also search for, and subscribe to the podcast on iTunes.

For learners of other levels, the excellent is highly recommended, with podcasts available from iTunes, and supplementary premium content available on their website. Visit for more details.

Free audiobooks in Russian

If you’re looking for some more challenging listening material, it’s worth visiting the free audiobook site, which offers audiobooks in a variety of languages – including Russian. Visit the site at this link. On the homepage, click the link for the online catalogue, then More Search Options on the search page. The expanded search page gives you the option to search for audiobooks by language – simply select Russian, search, and you get a list of downloadable files. Currently there is a range of material, including poetry, prose and even a selection of Aesop’s fables in Russian – all great for listening practice. And remember, even if you don’t understand everything, listening for gist – even the odd word – is an important skill in language learning. And just the fact that you’re listening to native speaker Russian will help your ear atune to the sound of the language.

Click here to visit LibriVox!